Your Waste, Your Responsibility

An inspiring blog post. Don’t fight food waste alone, let’s put more effort into encouraging people to change their wasteful behaviors/habits!

Say No To Food Waste I became conscious of food waste a few years ago, I considered it my duty to stop it in every way that I could. I feel no shame asking waiters to hold certain sides or ingredients of my order that I know I won’t want to eat. I have become accustomed to inspecting the contents of my fridge and pantry to check how close things are to expiring, so that I know to eat them sooner. I take leftovers home whenever I can, be it in a restaurant’s doggy-bag or my friend’s Tupperware after a potluck. And, for several years, I felt compelled to finish the food off of my friends’ plates. Very recently, though, I realized that this last effort was actually doing me and my anti-food-waste crusade a disservice.

One of my biggest problems with food waste is how disrespectful it is. In addition to all…

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