How do we stop wasting so much food?

Food waste is thoughtless and a lot of us aren’t  aware of it.

As Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin, producer and director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story suggest:

We need to truly value food and all the work and resources that go into making it. Taking only what we need and eating everything we take is a good start. At home, planning meals based on what we already have, allowing people to serve their own portions, and packing leftovers for lunch can make a big difference.


So, what small steps can we take to reduce food waste?

If you missed the tips we suggested on our Facebook page and twitter, here they are:

    1. Check your fridge before planning your meal. There’s always food that has been sitting unused in the back of your cupboards and fridges, make sure to use them up before they go bad!there'snothing to eat
  1. Give overripe fruits a second life. When bananas start to go bad, peel, wrap and freeze them to bake muffins or bread another day. They also work well in smoothies or steamed and spread on pancakes and waffles! Easy and yummy 😀pancakes-su-682491-l

3. Make the freezer your friend. If you don’t like eating the same thing two days in a row, freeze a portion and reheat later. If you buy in bulk, divide it up immediately into portions that are easier to use and freeze the rest. Label and date everything so it’s easy to manage.
4. Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach.You will end up buying too much! Perusing the food aisles with a growling belly can lead you to purchase more food than you need. Buy enough groceries for a few days, but not enough for the whole week (most food will last just a week). And try to buy what’s in season if you can.


Don’t forget to lave us a comment to let us know how you reduce food waste!


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