Household food waste


According to research, young consumers and households with children are the biggest food-wasters. I don’t imagine many people do it on purpose. It can be a result of habits, lack of awareness and knowledge, and in some cases–laziness.

Indeed, it is easier to just throw away the chicken carcass in the bin than taking time to make your own chicken stock and  soup for another day with it.

BUT food waste does not only have a negative impact on the environment. Wasting food is also a waste of money–$2.5 billion worth of edible food a year is thrown away by households in NSW. Per household this averages out to $616 each year of money spent on food that is never eaten. I’m sure all of us could think of lots of other ways that we would prefer to spend our money instead!


Now that concern over household budgets is constantly in the news and that living costs are rising faster than income, why do we still waste so much? Why is it so hard to eat the food we buy? Reducing food waste can save money!


If you have made too much for dinner, put in the fridge for another time. Don’t throw it away.


If you don’t want to have the same thing two days in a row, put it in the freezer and you have a quick meal ready in the week!

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Educate your children & the younger generation. Teach them to appreciate& be grateful for food and not to waste food.

Become a FOOD LOVER, not a FOOD WASTER. Say “NO” to food waste and stop wasting!


2 thoughts on “Household food waste

  1. I agree that most of the elder have the sense of saving food and other things as well whereas most young people don’t have the strong sense of saving food because they may have formed a habit in their daily life. They don’t realize the serious results of wasting food. They may not consider how much should cook or buy during daily life. If the food hasn’t been eaten up, they will throw it because it has become a habit. Wasting food can be a not good morality and it wastes money at the same time. Do you think about the people who are in poor areas? They always suffer from hunger and cold.


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